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Campus Accommodation Map

Facilities on Campus



Coffee Shop

Sport facilities

24/7 Washing Laundry

24/7 Convenient Store

Medical Clinic (02-524-5286 (day-time), 089-075-4243 (24 hrs.))

24/7 Security (emergency call 02-524-6000)


Please strictly abide by the rules, otherwise
a fine of 500 Baht or more will apply if violated

No drinking

Drinking is strictly not allowed in the campus.

No pets allowed

Pets are not allowed in dorms. Do not feed any stray animal.

No cooking

No cooking allowed in non-cooking dorms.

No smoking

Smoking is strictly not allowed in the rooms.

No subletting

No subletting of room! subletting will result in eviction from the student accommodation.

Keep safe

Always lock your room when you leave. For bicycle owners, please park properly and lock your bike.

Turn off before leaving

Before leaving the rooms, make sure that all electric appliances, gas appliances and water are turned off.


No male allowed in female room dorms.

Keep clean always

Always keep rooms clean. Any furniture must not be moved out of the room or, transferred from one dorm to another. Room furniture must be kept in good order. Student will be invoiced with the cost of the damage.


Dump garbage only in the bins provided.

Contact Us

AIT Accommodation Office

Address: Asian Institute of Technology, 58 Moo 9, Phahonyothin Rd, Khlong Nueng, Khlong Luang District, Pathum Thani 12120

Phone: 02-524-5093

E-mail: accommodation@ait.ac.th

E-mail: callcenter@ait.ac.th
Open work: http://fims.ait.ac.th
Call: 02-524-5800